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"L'Orchestre de Contrebasses peers out at us from the other side of the mirror. Before plunging, eyes closed, into its playful universe, everything seems bland, geometric, traced in advance. One has hardly started to listen than colours and musical forms spring to life. This orchestra throbbing in the heart of this world full of wonders is capable of enchanting you, as well as making the most melancholic of us laugh and even an accountant dream dreams. The music of this strange formation of six double basses ressembles no other, and draws it's inspiration from subtle hints, poetry and a very playful madness."
Lionel Rotcage

"Through their approach to the instrument itself, Christian Gentet and his companions have proved themselves to be musical pioneers in France. They are following in the passionate steps of contemporary music, which draws upon all styks, upon all possible sources of inspiration. They have accepted the challenge of expressing the 20th century s sensitivity, of living with their time, of accepting to take risks."
Le Monde

"Their different influences merge, in the sense that different species hybridize. The orchestra now possesses and multiplies coherence, ideas and the means to express them. If fans of the Orchestre de Contrebasses will be overjoyed by the use of all the double bass' possibilities, they are far from constituting the only possible audience. You expect to see a curiosity, but in fact it's a veritable orchestra, coloured and nuanced, which will seduce as well as surprise you, leaving you with an echo of the beauty of its compositions."
Jazz Magazine

"These musicians have decided to exploit the wealth, diversity and eloquence of the sound of these six double basses, exploring all the technical possibilities of the instrument. They have created an original repertoire, influenced by jazz, the blues, and classical, contemporary and latino music."
La Nouvelle Republique

"Surprising in its tones, seductive through its range, this matronly instrument knows how to tease, to provoke, to be melodramatic and capricious, such her possibilities are numerous. These six musicians have rejuvenated her, courted her, transforming her through their refined solos into a comely maiden, clothed in contemporary colours."
Le Monde de la Musique

"Vibrant music, music to danse to, timeless music, music from elsewhere.
This orchestra embodies a concrete expression of a fundamentally new and contemporary conception of chamber music.

"How to capture the heart of the public: six double bassists took 700 people hostage. A variety of sounds was thus revealed, not just to seek the approval of the audience, but to honor the music itself. The six double bassists from Paris raised a storm of enthusiasm. Blending classical music, jazz and French theatre, they were the discovery of the 23rd Burghausen jazz week."
Burghausen. Numer 75 (Germany)

"The Orchestre de Contrebasses simply demonstrates that any alliance of instruments is justified and perhaps necessary when it is buoyed by a true musical project."
Bernard Aime

"Thanks to the inspiration of these six French musicians, the orchestre moves us, seduces us, with the charm of the double bass' deep tones, as well as satisfying all other musical criteria."
Vega. Rio (Brazil)

"The Orchestre de Countrebasses offers a unique example of a new musical genre. After several European tours, the group will give a dozen concerts in Brazil. Their repertoire is made up of original compositions by the members of the group, drawing upon numerous influences."
Estado de Sao Paulo (Brazil)

"These six virtuosi admirably and tactfully multiply the possibilities of their strings, at the crossroads of jazz, the blues and classical music."
Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany)

"Their music is an invitation to an awakening of the senses. The Orchestre de Contrebasses has created a new sound, a very European sound. The different shades of their music are enhanced by theatrical lighting."
Sydsvenskan (Sweden)

"The Orchestre de Countrebasses lieightens our awareness of an art that
associates rhythms, melodies and harmonies. This is a new style in today's music at six double bassists decided to have us discover, by means of original compositions and passionate interpretations."

"The exquisite sounds emanating from the six bassists and their wooden companions confirm the feelings of bass lovers that the bass should rightly be front and center. Playing arco, pizzicato and with a little wood slapping, these players create a richness and depth of sound that is lacking not at all from the absence of other instruments. It's a must for anyone into the bass, and for those of you who aren't, it's time to get with the program!
Jazz Times (USA)



ORCHESTRE DE CONTREBASSES 2002 et années ultérieures

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